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MessageSujet: Pour Alexandre   Jeu 5 Aoû - 13:56

Bonjour, Alexandre.

Je ne corrige, comme d'habitude, que les fautes d'ortho et la forme.

1. Define:

1. Browser flaws
Some lack of security dueto a case not predicted during the writing software and exploit by the hackers for execute code and allowing them to do something with your computer.
A lack of security due to a case not predicted during the writing of the software, and exploited by hackers who execute their own code allowing them to do something to your computer.

2. Patches
Some piece of code which improve software. Updates are patches.
Some pieces...

3. plug-ins
Additional program which give you extend functionality at software.
Additional programs which give you extended software functionality.

4. Security updates
Patches which correct a problem of security discover after software are launch on the market.
Patches which correct one or more security problems discovered after the software has been launched on the market.

5. What is meant by 'insecurity iceberg'?
The Web browser Insecurity Iceberg represents the number of Internet users at risk because they don’t use the latest most secure Web browsers and plug-ins to surf the Web.

6. What are the potential dangers of this?
Criminal can used these holes of security for execute malicious code. They can take some privacy information (like password, credit card number etc), erase your data and so on. It can down all a network and an economy. Some experts say the next war will be numeric. Your computer can become a vector for spread a malicious code.
Criminals can use these holes in security to execute malicious code. They can steal the user's private information (password, credit card number, etc.), erase data, and so on. It can cause a network and the economy to crash.

7. The study points out differences between IE users and Mozilla users. Explain. What do you think accounts for these differences?
Mozilla enable to update web browser by a simple click user. With ie you must do it with the operating system update tools. The result is that Mozilla is more often update far ahead ie.These differences can be explain because Mozilla is an open source web browser so every body can report a lack of security and every body can provide help for correct it. This simple way of simple click helps also users not do many complicate procedures for update web browser. Every body just wants use their web browser for do what it need to do. So this way is simple and fast.
Mozilla enables the user to update the web browser with a simple click. With IE, you must do it using the operating system's update tools. The result is that Mozilla is updated more often than IE. These differences can be explained because Mozilla is an open source web browser, so everybody can report a lack of security and provide a solution for its correction. Clicking is a simple way to deal with the problem because it doesn't require complicated procedures to update a web browser. All everyone wants is to make the web browser do what it needs to do. It's the simplest and fastest way to do things

8. Finally, describe the steps you take to maintain security.
If we take Microsoft product, I enable auto – update of operating system. I install antivirus software. I install only add-ons I need. If I use Mozilla I use the auto install update. We can also use a firewall for open only socket you need for surfing(peu compréhensible). So many problems come from here. Microsoft let open all sockets of the computer by default. A socket is something need by software for exchange data with distant software. If I am in Linux environment I also let auto update the system. I don’t use any antivirus as if the risk can be here. But
in general we can say Linux environment are safer than Microsoft universe. The policy of Linux is close all and open if you need in opposite of Microsoft policy. Many attacks are also aim Microsoft because it’s a widespread system. You can also improve security with hardware. You need to use WPA key if you use Wi-Fi (and allow only Mac address of the computers you have at home). Incompréhensible.
When I use a Microsoft product, I enable auto-update of the operating system. Then I install antivirus software. I install only the add-ons I need. If all I want to do is surf, I make sure the firewall is on. There are so many problems involved with this because Microsoft leaves all the computer sockets open by default. A socket is something needed by software to exchange data with that of another server's software. If I am in the Linux environment, I also need to do a system auto-update. I don't use any antivirus software, as there may be some risk in doing so; but in general, the Linux environment is safer than Microsoft's. Contrary to Microsoft's policy, Linux allows me to close or open whenever necessary. Microsoft is much more vulnerable to attack because of its widespread use. Hardware is another way to improve security. You need to use the WPA key if you use Wi-Fi.

1. Who uses CCTV and why?
The UK uses it. They use it for fight criminal. It also uses for maintain peace with hooligans. They are also use for traffic flow. However there are several plans for non criminal systems.These systems will catch entire drivers plates and drivers and then it will be possible to fellow someone every where he goes.
The UK uses it to fight crime and maintain peace. It's also used to control traffic flow. However, there are also future plans for its use in noncriminal systems. These systems will capture a driver's license plates and follow him everywhere he goes.

2. Advocates claim that FaceIt is effective. Explain.
The crime has been lowered in the area where it has been used. These CCTV cameras with face it recognition catch people and if one is on a black list the system spots him and alerting someone who can control this person. They use it with success against hooligans and in the borough of Newham since 1998 in the city of London.
Crime rates are lower in areas where it is being used. These CCTV cameras are capable of face recognition, and can be used to identify and apprehend someone who is wanted by the police. It has been used with success in dealing with hooligans in the borough of Newham in the city of London since 1998.

3. Explain the difference between criminal and noncriminal systems.
The criminal systems are used for reduce crime and help people to be safe. The non criminal system uses the same system but divert for other aim. With this system someone can fellow you everywhere you go and know every thing you are doing at anytime. It’s kind of Big Brother system.
Criminal systems are used to reduce crime and secure the safety of citizens. Noncriminal systems use the same software, but for different purposes. As with cirminal systems, noncriminal systems can be used to track a person's movements anywhere at anytime to see what you're doing. It's similar to the "Big Brother" system.

4. This is a privacy issue. Agree or disagree briefly.
I agree to say is a privacy issue. We know that this kind of system will not stay only for crime. Every technology is used for economy vision. Later with this kind of system we could analyse what you do and whatyou like to do for let you buy some products. We ever see this with internet and advertising target. The problem of security is just an excuse. We can fight this with many other ways.
I agree that this is a privacy issue.I am sure this kind of system will not be limited to crime detection alone. Every form of technology involves a country's economy. In the future, it could be used to spy on your activities and your tastes and influence your purchases. You see this on the Internet and in the advertising world. Its use for security then is just an excuse. There are other, more effective ways to fight crime.

5.First read the text. Then discuss the issues involved. Do you think we should encourage the spread of surveillance technology to combat crime or would you set limits? If so, what, in your opinion, should these be?

I agree for a very limit use of this kind of system can help to combat the crime if the system is correctly use with strict procedures. In public place it’s good candidate for help to combat crime like subway station or airport. Face recognition system can prevent terrorist attack but we must be really carefully with this. Every body knows if we open this door it can let everybody to be followed.
I am for a very limited use of this technology. If correctly used and with clearly defined procedures, it can be used to combat crime. Public places such as subway stations and airports are good candidates for this technology in fighting crime. Face recognition technology can prevent terrorist attacks, but we must be really careful with its use. Once this door is opened, anyone can go through it.
Recently, the French president has encouraged the creation of a file EDVIGE. This file allowed at the police to get information about privacy in particularly about religion, politic thinking, health and so many others information about someone.
Recently, the French president encouraged the creation of the EDVIGE file which allows the police to get private information about people's religious beliefs, political ideologies, health, and much more.
We can see all issues. Tomorrow with a name you will know every thing about privacy of someone. We just need to remember the last war in Europe for understand how you could use this file in the future.I don’t think these technologies depend on which kind of government use it.
The outcome is obvious. Tomorrow, a person's name will be enough to find out everything about that person. We just need to remember what happened in World War II in Europe to understand how this technology could be used in the future. And it doesn't matter what kind of government is using it.
Of course we can have some fear about police state regime because in the past they prove they can use this technology for repression. But in democracy system, we can see everything is turn for economy. In globalization, these tools could be an unprecedented way to snoop every body to know what you buy and what you want.
Fear is justifiable when you live in a police state because the technology can be used for repression; but in a democratic system, we can see that economic considerations are involved. Where globalization is in effect, these tools can be used in an unprecedented way to snoop on everybody and see what they buy and want.
We are now facing between the deal of privacy freedom and the profit.I think we should not let encourage the spread of surveillance technology. Every body remembers the famous book 1984 of George Orwell. In this book they explain how system cameras survey you. We remember this famous quote: “Big Brother is watching you.” today we let the public accept these technologies. First we start in public place and try to show how it is efficient and when people will be convince of this they will accept again and again to extend and in this case there is not limit. Often time we say science fiction is just a vision of future.
We are now facing a situation where there will be a balance between privacy, freedom, and profit. I don't believe we should encourage the spread of surveillance technology. Everyone remembers George Orwell's famous book entitled "1984." In this book, they explain how the system is set up so cameras can watch your every move. Who doesn't remember that famous quote, "Big Brother is watching you." Today, the public is willing to accept these technologies. First it starts in public places to show how efficient it is. After people are convinced, they will continue to accept it until it is used everywhere. There will be no limit to its uses. At the present time, people just see it as science fiction, something way off in the future.

1. translate / transform the following sentences.
Je te verrai lundi.
I will see you on Monday. C'est juste !

La semaine prochaine, nous commencerons mardi.
Next week, we will begin on Tuesday. C'est juste !

Mon avion décolle à midi. Le repas de midi sera servi à bord une heure plus tard.
My plane takes off at noon. [s]The lunck will be serve[/s] onboard one hour later.
Lunch will be served on board...

La séance commencera à 19h30, mais le film lui-même commence un quart d'heure après.
The session will begin at 19h30, but the film itself begins one quarter hour later.
séance = showing || On peut dire également : at 7:30 in the evening. || "a quarter of an hour later" est plus courant.

Il n'aime pas revoir ses cours le soir. En général il travaille chez lui l'après-midi et ne prend de pause qu'à partir de 5h.
He doesn’t like revise in the evening. Usually he works athome in the after noon and doesn’t take pause until 5h.
He doesn't like to review his coursework... and doesn't take a break until 5 o'clock.

Les jours sont courts en hiver, surtout mois de Décembre.
The days are short in winter, especially in the month of December.

Ce livre fut publié en 2001.
This book has been published in 2001.
This book was published...

J'aime surtout les fleurs en hiver. .
I especially like the flowers in winter. C'est juste !

She left yesterday and has not returned.: ???
She has left and has not returned since yesterday.

I will spend two weeks in Paris. (for)
I will spend in Paris for two weeks
I will be in Paris...

The film appeared in August and ended in October. (from-to)
The film appeared from August and ended to October.
The fim ran (ou, played) from August to October.
Ou bien, They showed the film from August to October.

The festive decorations went up in fall and ended in early spring. (from-until)
The festive decoration went up from fall and ended until early spring.
The festive decorations were up from fall to early spring.

When do you watch TV?(early /evening – weekends – late night)
Do you watch tv early in the
Do you watch tv during the weekends
Do you watch TV on weekends?
Ou bien, Do you watch TV on the weekend?

Do you watch tv late at night?

The project must be completed in less than a year.
(within – under – no longer)
The project must be completed within a year. Oui
The project must be completed under a year. Oui
The project must not be longer than a year. Oui
Ou, The project must be no longer than a year.

Il y a une guêpe dans la pièce (wasp)
There is a wasp in the room. Oui

Mettez le cadeau dans la boite. (present)
Put the present inside the box. Oui
Ou, Put the present (ou, gift) in the box.

Vos clés se trouvent sur la table de la cuisine.
Your keys are on the table in the kitchen.
... on the kitchen table.

Et si on se donnait rendez-vous au coin de la rue?
Andif we give us an appointement at the corner of the street?
How about meeting on the corner of the street?
Ou, What do you say we meet on the corner of the street?

Accrochez-moi ce tableau au-dessus du grand lit, je vous prie. (Hang)
Hang me this painting above the bed please.
Please hang this painting above the bed for me.

L'enfant se cacha sous sa couette bien chaude. (quilt)
The child hid under the well warm quilt.
... under his very warm quilt.

Il faisait chaud et nous détendions à l'ombre d'un platane. (plane tree)
It was hot and we relaxed under the shadow of plane tree. Oui

La vallée se situe en-dessous du niveau de la mer. (sea level)
The valley is below the sea level.

Parmi les papiers qui gisait ça et là sur le bureau de Monsieur le Proviseur il y avait un stylo Mont Blanc!
Among the papers everywhere on the desk of the Headmaster there was a Mont Blanc pen!
Among the papers laying here and there on the Headmaster's desk...

Tout près de ma maison, il y a une boutique de chocolat belge.
Near my house, there is a Belge chocolat shop.
There's a Belgian chocolate shop very close to my house.

La salle de bain se situe en face de la chambre de Mademoiselle Smith.
The bathroom is located in opposite of the Miss Smith bedroom’s.
The bathroom is opposite (ou, facing) Miss Smith's bedroom.

Naomi Klein is well known for her work on the down side of globalisation, that is to say... explain.
That is say providing cheap good and massive profit for few but low pay
job and poverty for the rest. Globalization society is base on shareholder and for get a massive profit they try to low cost in every range of the production. Low cost is obtained with low pay jobs.
J'y comprends rien !
The information revolution refers to what? “that is to say...”
That is to say the tools widespread down border and empowered people like international mobile phones.

These have 'flipped', becoming 'tools of ________________
These have flipped, becoming tools of mass eland.

Ms Klein is worried that these tools could be misused to shore up a particular type of regime.
She is worried that a police state [s]regime[/s] like China might use these kind of tools.

Fillin the missing words. «...through an unholy alliance between.............. and .......................... chasing profit. »
«...through an unholy alliance between Chinese authority and central control and private firm company chasing profit.

What are the hi-tech tools she talks about (four are listed here)
CCTV Camera
Biometric identification card
The internet
Cell phone text messaging

How are they used throughout the world as “powerful tools” by the ordinary citizen?
They are used throughout the world as powerful tools for organizing the pro-democracy movement [s]for union[/s].

The internet can be used as a powerful _____________ tool to see.......
The internet can be used as a powerful monitoring tool to see where people are surfing. What kind of information you are getting.
... surfing and what kind...

What is going on in China? They are emulating... (two things)
They are emulating the US form on terror as well as London fixations with CCTV cameras.
They're emulating the US approach to terrore threats as well as London's fixation with CCTV cameras.

She cites the example of Shen Jen, where they are applying these things. Explain.

Shenzhen already has 2 000 000 CCTV cameras which are networked together with integrated biometric technology in them such as face recognition software. They are issuing hi-tech ID cards that have biometric identification in them and so on. Shenzhen is recording everybody's movements so they can control them. All these technologies can be used to observe everybody.

Why is this cause for concern?
It scares because that is not a democracy.
Such actions do not represent the ideals of a democratic society.
Why is this alarming?
Because we have heard story about company like yahoo, they turn over information to the Chinese state and also blogs and journalists and so on.
Because there are reports of companies like Yahoo turning information over to the Chinese government, as well as information on blogs and journalists' reports.
The Chinese authorities justify these measures in what way?
The Chinese defense say they are doing what western countries are doing.
The Chinese say they are only doing what western countries are doing.
This is a post September the eleventh fixation... explain what is referred to here?

This is a post September the eleventh fixation with security. After September eleven many new security process has been established like security in Airport or control of citizens.
After 9/11, many new security procedures were implemented such as those in airports and traffic control.

Il y a trop à corriger, Alexandre. J'arrête.

Here central thesis or argument is that this event signaled the start ofa new economy based on the “war on terror”: Why doesn't this make sense?
It doesn’t make a sense as a war because you can’t fight a war against evil every where forever. You will loose. You cannot end.

[b]This economy is similar to the “dotcom” economy in the ..........(decade) ; “it makes a lot of sense”: what does it give investors?

This economy is similar to the “dotcom” economy in the 90 (decade). This economy doesn’t end. All investors won. It’s a guarantee that this market won’t disappear and will keep growing.

Thiseconomy is looking for new ...................................... like .......................................
This economy is looking for new market like China.

A huge amount of money has been spent in the name of................... ; how much has been spent, says Ms Klein?
A huge amount of money has been spent in the name of Olympic security. They spend 20 billions dollars in the name of security.

Human rights campaigners have been saying : 'let's get real'. Explain what is meant here..
All of these high tech toys are stayed here after the Olympic game and will be directed at the Chinese citizens. It means that these security toys have not been removed after Olympic game and now they are used for controlling Chinese people.

What is the counter-argument stated here in defense of these technologies sold to China?
[The US companies say that is a part of world wide market and it's for security to help to catch criminal

There was a debate following the Tien an Men massacre. Explain.
After Tien an man massacre a huge debate has been launch about to know if the US should sell technology tool at China because China could use for repression.

Congress reacted by passing what law?
A sanction law past that prohibited to sell any police security or weapon tools to the Chinese state.

The legislation is dated, she says. Explain the reason for this.
Because many new technologies was not here when the law is past. Many are not on the list prohibited.

She cites as an example of this what technology?
She cites example of fingerprinting technology that is allowed to be sold at China.

What list does she refer to? What technology is not on the list and why?
She refers to the list of prohibited technology to be sold at china. She says in 1990 the face recognition software was science fiction and explains why at this time it was not on the list

Companies are also doing what they can to........ (complete)
Companies are also doing what they can to keep out of this with the lobbying.

Write a resumé of this section, focusing on the argument in favour of implementing these technologies and those against, in which Ms Klein is a leading figure.
One side says the use of this technology depend on who are using it. The history of democracy proves the risk is not same as police state like China which showed in the past how it can be misused. The main argument is these tools are efficient for fight the crime. People don’t really notice the change with the cameras. They are hid for them. People never success to snoop us they say. Other side says this technology give incredible power of surveillance about people in only one decade. These technologies give the power to snoop on us. London has half a million of Cameras and is the city the most watch in the world. Shenzhen has 2 millions cameras and take the way of London. They say these technologies have not impact at all on the crime like robbery.

Compare London, which is described in detail here, with Paris. You may wish to find information on various sites. If you do, state which sites you visited and what you learned.
Compare to London Paris is not again at this state. But there is ever 9500 CCTV cameras which operate in metro but only 330 cameras are used by the police to survey outside public area. A new plan want extend at 60 000 CCTV cameras in public place for 2010. In 2008 we could ever count 340 000 camera in the capital. This year, the French president had decided to fellow the example of London. He said he was impressed by the efficient of British police and the support provided by camera network. There is not contradiction between individual freedom and the security he said. Place de la Republique and Champs – Elyssé are the place where you can ever find many of these cameras. The same year a new plan was in direction of Gare du nord, a place where several gang battle. Champ the mars with Eiffel tower is a candidate place for cameras because it’s a crow place and many accident happen here. For the same reason the 18th arrondissement is also candidate because there is the Sacré Coeur. In same way in the 19th arrondissement had seen a plan for cameras after a youth Jewish has
been killed. The problems were the old camera had low resolution. This new system could be use in front of law. The French police also hoped to have a mini spy in sky drone.


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MessageSujet: Re: Pour Alexandre   Ven 6 Aoû - 8:02

bonjour doudou

c'est très gentil à toi d'avoir corrigé tout ça dans un délai aussi rapide! Penses-tu que tu auras le temps de corriger la suite - car tu avais presque fini. Peux-tu me tenir au courant pour savoir si je rends mon devoir en l'état. Dans tous les cas, ton aide me fait vraiment progresser car je constate que je fais énormément de fautes.

Par ailleurs j'ai essayé de reformuler en anglais la réponse que tu n'as pas comprise :

Naomi Klein is well known for her work on the down side of globalisation, that is to say... explain.

Globalization provides cheap good product and massive profit for few. Other have low pay job and poverty. Globalization society is based on shareholder. They get a massive profit and for this they try to reduce cost in every thing. The low pay job is a way to obtain low cost.

PS : J'ai parlé de toi à quelqu'un, qui est également prof, et qui m'a demandé si tu connaissais une méthode efficace pour apprendre l'anglais rapidement. Cette personne aussi a des difficultés avec l'anglais et n'en a pas vraiment fait depuis 10 ans. Elle pense avoir tout oublié et être très mauvaise. Merci d'avance!
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