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Date d'inscription : 15/02/2006

MessageSujet: trad   Lun 9 Fév - 12:00

salut Doudou,

Peux tu me traduire le paragraphe suivent stp?

The simplest kind of love

Her late-afternoon walks had not *concealed her meetings with a boy her mother had long had intuition
of. Hatsue knew she had not *fooled anybody, she had not fooled herself as it turned out, either, she had
never felt completely right. How could they say, she and Ishmael, that they truly loved each other? They had
simply grown up together, been children together, and the proximity of it, the *closeness of it, had produced
in them love’s illusion. And yet – on the other hand – what was love if it wasn’t the instinct she felt to be
on the *moss inside the cedar tree with this boy she had always known? He was the boy of this place, of
these woods, these beaches, the boy who smelled like this forest. If identity was geography instead of blood
– if living in a place was what really mattered – then Ishmael was part of her, inside of her, as much as
anything Japanese. It was, she knew, the simplest kind of love, the purest form, *untainted by Mind, which
twisted everything, as Mrs. Shigemura, ironically, had preached. No, she told herself, she’d *merely followed
her instincts, and her instincts did not make the kind of distinctions having Japanese blood demanded. She
did not know what else love could be.

Conceal = cacher
Fool = berner, duper, tromper
Closeness = intimité
Moss = de la mousse
Untainted = non terni
Merely = simplement
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Date d'inscription : 26/12/2005

MessageSujet: Re: trad   Lun 9 Fév - 15:21

Hi, Mimi.

Mais c'est déjà traduit. Si tu parles d'une trad vers le français, tu sais que je ne traduis que vers l'anglais.
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Date d'inscription : 15/02/2006

MessageSujet: Re: trad   Lun 9 Fév - 17:03

ah lol ok. Ohh pleure pas... ce n'est pas grave.
Very Happy merci comme même!
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MessageSujet: Re: trad   

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