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MessageSujet: Besoin aide   Dim 30 Nov - 15:37

you are having dinner with a business contact who tries to persuade you to try a type of food you hate. Refuse politely.
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MessageSujet: Re: Besoin aide   Dim 30 Nov - 17:04

Bonsoir, Eam.

Employee 1: This is a great restaurant. I'm going to order some sushi. Would you like me to order the same for you?
Employee 2: No, thanks. First of all, I'm not a fish eater. Secondly, I wouldn't even consider eating raw fish... or anything raw, for that matter.
Employee 1: Don't let the word "raw" prevent you from enjoying a truly delicious dish. I can assure you, in this restaurant, every precaution is taken to offer customers a safe and satisfying meal.
Employee 2: I never was one for experimenting with different styles of cuisine. Over the years, I acquired my tastes; and they're very specific.
Employee 1: Come now, I insist. Try it, and you'll like it. I'm sure of that. I'm going to make a sushi convert out of you before this evening is over.
Employee 2: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. At my age, I'm a stick in the mud. I wouldn't try it if you offered me money.
Employee 1: Won't you even do it for me?
Employee 2: What's up with all this talk about sushi? Is the owner paying you for getting customers to eat it?
Employee 1: Of course not. I just wanted to share a pleasant eating experience with you since we're co-workers.
Employee 2: Well, thanks. I appreciate that. In any event, here comes the waiter. I'll order my usual.
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MessageSujet: Re: Besoin aide   Mer 3 Déc - 14:17

Merci beaucoup
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Besoin aide
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