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 Buying ans selling

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MessageSujet: Buying ans selling   Sam 4 Oct - 5:19

Choose the correct word in each of the following:
1 The book which contains a list of all company sales arranged by date is known as the…………..
A-sales account B- sales card C-sales invoice D-sales day book
2 A……………is not recorded in double entry.
A-cash discount B- refund C-trade discount D- cash sale
3 Faulty goods which are are sent back to the supplier by the customer are known as ……………..
A-returns B-provisions C-recovers D-discounts
4 A……………system should make sure that debtors do not owe too much money
A-quality control B-credit control C-credit note D-credit transfer
5 A company sells goods on credit, but if customers never pay for these goods the money owing is known as…………..
A-bad debts B-debits C-bad payment D-bankrupts
6 The estimated expense of not being paid by debtors is known as a/an………
A-allowance B-devaluation C-proviso D-provision
7 If you calculate different percentages for debts which have been owing for different lengths of time, you can prepare a/an……….schedule of debtors
A-progressive B-ageing C- reducing D-increasing
8 In many countries a tax is added to the price of goods and services, but some goods my be………….and no tax is due
A-exempt B- exceptional C-excused D-uncovered
9 At the end of an accounting period, details of tax collected and tax paid are given to the authorities on an official form called a ……..
A- statement B-declaration C- return D-confirmation
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MessageSujet: Re: Buying ans selling   Sam 4 Oct - 20:26

En ce qui concerne la comptabilité, je n'y connais absolument rien. Désolé.No
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MessageSujet: Re: Buying ans selling   Dim 5 Oct - 8:04

ok,c'est pas grave
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MessageSujet: Re: Buying ans selling   

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Buying ans selling
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