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 Exercices discours direct-indirect pour lundi!!

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MessageSujet: Exercices discours direct-indirect pour lundi!!   Dim 21 Oct - 5:00

Bonjour! J'ai une série d'exercices à faire sur le discours direct ou indirect. Merci de me corriger le plus vite possible, c'est pour lundi !J'ai été malade c'est pour ça que je n'ai pas pu le faire avant.

Exercice 1

Réécrire au style indirecte les dialogues suivant (on the phone):
Fred:"Hello, Jim!""Will you come to George's birthday party"
Jim:"I'll stay at home.I'm not feeling very well"
Fred: "Ring him up, or else ill think you're coming !
Jim: "You're quite right.I'll call him without fail when I get home”
b)”Why don’t we go to the cinema together, the three of us? I’ll get my wife to telephone you.”
“I’ll rarely go out in the evenings”, she replies calmly.
“Well, don’t worry, I’ll take you home afterwards.”

Exercice 2: que dirai-t-on au discours direct? .Complétez.

1. John suggested we should all go to the pictures.He saie :
2. Alison wondered whether Allan had arrived or not. She asked:
3. The customs officers ordered us to open our suitcases.They said:
4. She asked her daughter why she had had her hair cut so short.She said:
5. Tim thought Jennifer had a beautiful dress.He exclaimed:

Exercice 3

Ecrivez les énoncés ci-dessous au style indirect. Utilisez les verbes suivants pour introduire l’énoncé indirect : deny, advise, tell, be to, insist
1. »You thief ! »
2. « go away ! »
3. « You mustn’t answer any of his questions”.
4. “No! I didn’t speak to her”
5. “Please go and ask him.”
6. “I think you’d better give up.”

Exercice 4:

Ecrivez les énoncés suivants au style indirect en utilisant les amorces proposées:
1. »I’ll ring him up as soon as I get there, » Mary said.
She told me...
2.”He couldn’t see where I was going at the time,” Jean replied.
She explained to me..
3.”Bring me the letters the minute they come”.
The boss ordered me...
4.I couldn’t see Peter last week,”John thought.
John wondered...
5.Will you take this book or that one?”
She asked me...

Exercice 5: Réécrivez les énoncés suivants au style indirect:

1. »What a lovely bedroom ! »
2. « hello ! Do sit down ! »
3. « Oh ! sorry ! I’ve broken the jug ! »
4. “Help!”
5. “How silly of you! You have torn his letter!”

Exercice 6: choisissez la réponse qui convient :

1.He never told me where…in those days a) was his brother b) is his brother c) his brother was d)his brother is
2.He asked me where...and where... a) were the guests...had gone the servants b)the guests were...the servants had gone c)were the guests..had gone the servants d)the guests were..had gone the servants
3.He said it was high time I...who... a)realized...he was b) realized..was hec) had realized...he was d) had realized...was he
4.He said soon as he..., and I believed him. A)will be back..has finished b) will be back...had finished c)would be back...had finished d) would be back...has finished

Exercice 7: Transformez le passage entre guillemets au style indirect:
When Sandra came in she was wearing her mother fur coat.
“Do come in, Sandra!”, said Maggie.”Oh! You’re wearing fur! I’m afraid that we don’t approve of fur in this house.Every time i see it i think of the poor animals.Would you like to put it on the chair? I don’t like to touch it.I’d rather touch the animal instead.

Voici ce que j’ai écrit:

Réponses :

Exercice 1

a) Fred told hello to Jim and he asked if he wanted com to George’s birthday party
Jim answered that he would stay at home because he wouldn’t feeling very well
Fred advised him to ring him up or else to would think Jim was coming
Jim answered that Fred was right and he added that he would call george without fail when he got home
b) He asked why they didn’t went to the cinema together the three of us
she replied calmly that she rarely went out in the evening
he answered that she didn’t worry, he would take her home afterwards

Exercice 2
1. he said : we shoold all go to the pictures
2. she asked : has Allan arrive or not ?
3. they said : open your suitcases !
4. she said : why had you cut your hair so short ?
5. He exclaimed : Genifer has a beautiful dress !

Exerecice 3

1. He called me thief
2. he insisted him to go away
3. He advised her she musn’t answer any of is questions
4. He denied for speaking to her
5. She advised her to go and ask him
6. He told that I’d at better gave up

Exercice 4

1. She told me that she would ring him up as soon as she got there
2. She explained to me that he couldn’t see where he was going at the time
3. The boss ordered me to bring him the letters the minute they came
4. John wondered he couldn’t see Peter last week
5. She asked me if I would take this book or that one

Exercice 5

1. She exclaimed that it was a lovely bedroom
2. She ordered to do sit down
3. She apologised for having broken the jug
4. She called us to help
5. He blamed her for having torne his letter

Exercice 6

1. = c
2. = b
3. = a
4. = d

Exercice 7

Maggie told her to do com in. She esclaimed that she was wearing fur. She said that she was afraid that they didn’t approve of fur in that house. She said that every time she saw it she thought of the poor animals. She asked her to put it on the chair. She added that she didn’t like to touch it. She said she would rather touch the animal instead.

Merci d'avance pour la correction !
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Exercices discours direct-indirect pour lundi!!
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