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 Traduction english french please

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MessageSujet: Traduction english french please   Mer 2 Mai - 9:08

Bonjour Guillame!(that is the only word i you will have to teach me!) You're very cute! i'm going to try to send a picture, but i am no good with technology, so we will see! i do have a myspace... That is interesting, in America our schooling is very different from France. We have to go to school until we are 18 to get a high school diploma, then we can go to a trade school(hair stylist, electrician, construction, etc.), or a 2 year college to get an associates degree, or a 4 year university to get a bachelors degree. I will graduate high school next year and then i will go to a university to become a nurse or a speech pathologist. I am going to get a minor in Spanish (it is like your secondary degree).While i am getting my degree i think i will go to La Republica Dominicana o Puerto Rico and study abroad We can have a part time job at restaurant or store while we are in high school and we get our drivers' licenses at 16.My mom is a hair dresser. She is very nice and i think you will like her a lot, she will like you too and you have great hair! My dad is an electrician...we still have to convince him to let you come live with us...we will see! He isn't mean...just hesitant. How would you say my name in French? in English it's HAY-LEE. my middle name is Elizabeth. Well i am in show choir, we sing and dance with costumes...all of my friends make fun of me but oh well! I am in track..i throw shot put and discus, but i fractured my back in a car accident so i am out for this season. I like to play tennis and be outside. I love going for walks. i love the summertime and fall. i like to go to the movies as well when i have the money!! most of mine goes straight into my gas tank! i just like hanging out with my friends and being crazy. i will have to show you this great coffee shop called moon monkey, i'm sure youll love it. My favorite subject is probably spanish..i don't really like school all that much! Despite that, my grades are pretty good. I live in ****, IL and go to **** High School, that is where you will go. It is a very small town with not much to do, but bourbonnais(i believe that's french!!!) is only about a 15 minutes drive from my house and 35 from Herscher. There is some stuff to do there. We are about an hour from Chicago, we will definitely take the train there to shop and eat and stuff. Thank you for the letters! i always look forward to them! what is the time change? it is 726 right now. Hailey Ok now we just have to convince my dad and you will be able to come here!!! and i figured out my digital camera so ill send a picture or two. the boy is my boyfriend Matt you will like him he's funny! the one with two girls is Brianna and Me (on of my b/f's) and the other is my other bf's kelsey, fanni, hannah and me. these are from the formal dance we had last weekend the other is matt and i on a picnic the next day..its not very good!
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MessageSujet: Re: Traduction english french please   Mer 2 Mai - 21:05

Bonjour, Guillaume. Sois le bienvenu à mon site. J'ai déjà traduit cette lettre sur l'autre site. C'était vraiment trop long vu que je n'ai pas la même expertise traduisant vers le français.

Ed le Newyorkais (Doudou)
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Traduction english french please
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