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MessageSujet: Powerpoint de présentation   Jeu 15 Oct - 18:17


Je dois faire une présentation en anglais sur le mariage chinois.
Pouvez vous me corriger mon Powerpoint?
Merci par avance
 Traditional Chinese marriage
Slide 1: Introduction
● In feudal society, a marriage would be decided not by a young couple's love, but by their parent’s desires.
● Only after a matchmaker's introduction and when parents considered the two family conditions were similar and could be matched, would the marriage procedures go forward.
● Conditions that should be taken into consideration included wealth and social status. If a boy's family was well-off or an official family, his parents would never permit him to marry a girl from a poor family.
● Essential to the marriage process were the commonly recognized 'three Letters and six etiquettes.
Slide 2: Three Letters
● The betrothal letter.
● The gift letter with a gifts list.
● The wedding letter used on the day the groom met his bride at her home.
Slide 3: Six etiquettes
● Proposing: when a boy's parents intended to make a match, they would invite a matchmaker to propose with them at the girl's home.
● If the proposal was successful, however, the matchmaker (usually a woman) would be rewarded with profuse gifts and feasts to show the two families' gratitude.
● Many unmarried young people could not see and were unfamiliar with each other till their wedding day.
Slide 4: Predictions
● Birthday Matching: after knowing the girl's full name and birthday, they would ask a fortune teller to predict whether that could match their son's and whether there would be a happy marriage.
● The Chinese zodiac would be surely taken into consideration.
Slide 5: Betrothal gifts
● Presenting betrothal Gifts: if the match was predicted to be auspicious, the matchmaker would take gifts to the girl's parents and tell them that the process could continue.

Slide 6: Wedding gifts
● Presenting Wedding Gifts: This was the grandest etiquette of the whole process of engagement.
● Prolific gifts were presented again to the girl's family, symbolizing respect and kindness towards the girl's family as well as the capability of providing a good life for the girl.
● At the same time giving the betrothal letter.
Slide 7: Wedding date
● Selecting the Wedding Date: the boy's family asked the fortune-teller to choose a date according to the astrological book when it would be proper and propitious to hold the wedding ceremony.
● And the bride has the gift letter.
Slide 8: Wedding ceremony
● Wedding Ceremony: the wedding ceremony began with the groom and his party meeting the bride in her home. Before this day the bride's dowry would have been sent to the boy's house.
● The dowry represented her social status and wealth, and would be displayed at the boy's house. The most common dowries included scissors like two butterflies never separating, rulers indicating acres of fields, and vases for peace and wealth. In this step, it should give the wedding letter.
Slide 9: The final wedding ceremony
● Before getting on the sedan.
● After the promise to marry, women need to change hairstyle, to indicate that she is no longer a girl, but the bride to be married.
● “Topknot” not only a knot, but to the entire head dress, for example : remove the fine hairs on the face and neck and tidy up hairline, and make up .
Slide 10: Costume
● The bride usually is covered by a red scarf whose three side  is 3 feats, this red scarf is called  Red head-scarf, in Chinese "Gaitou".
● For the costume of red head-scarf, there are two versions: One is that red head-scarf covers up embarrassment; another way is to say the bride will never find way back after being covered by red head-scarf.
● When the party arrived, the bride, covered by a red head-kerchief, must cry with her mother to show her reluctance to leave home. She would be led or carried by her elder brother to the sedan.
Slide 11: Groom's home
● Arrival at groom's home
● There would be music and firecrackers. The bride would be led along the red carpet in a festive atmosphere.
Slide 12: Feast
● Three bows
● The groom, in a red gown, would kowtow three times to worship the heaven, parents and spouse. Then the new couple would go to their bridal chamber and guests would be treated to a feast.
Slide 13: Room of marriage
● Everything is in red: bed, curtains, candle
Slide 14: Home parents
● Returning bride's home
● On the third day of the marriage, the new couple would go back to the bride's parents' home. They would be received with also a dinner party including relatives.
Slide 15: Conclusion
● More and more young people in throne the occidental marriage.
Slide 16:  Questions
● 1 What do you think of Chinese traditional marriage?
● 2 Why we lost our traditional marriage?
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MessageSujet: Re: Powerpoint de présentation   Ven 16 Oct - 4:40

Bonjour, Claire.

Voici ce que j’ai remarqué et corrigé. N’hésite pas à revenir avec les éclaircissements demandés.
Merci de m’avoir donné à lire un anglais excellent même s’il est assez littéraire. Wink

● Birthday matching // ● Presenting betrothal gifts // ● Presenting wedding gifts // ● Selecting the wedding date // ● Wedding ceremony <=Majuscules inutiles à supprimer.

Slide 7 And the bride had the gift letter. <= Non ?

Slide 9 À partir d’ici, tu passes au présent. Est-ce voulu ou de l’inattention ?

● The bride usually is covered by a red scarf whose three side  is 3 feats, <= Qu’as-tu voulu dire par ces 5 derniers mots ? Je ne comprends pas, désolé.

Slide 14: Home parents Parents’ home <=Je suppose…

● Returning to the bride's home
They would also be received with also a dinner party including relatives.

Slide 15: Conclusion
● More and more young people in throne the occidental marriage. <= Mot à mot = “en trône” !!! Qu’as-tu voulu dire ? Si tu veux dire qu’ils adoptent/se tournent vers/ le mariage à l’occidentale, je te propose : « More and more young people adopt/turn to/ the occidental marriage. », tout simplement.

Slide 16:  Questions
● 2 Why have we lost our traditional marriage?

" Carpe diem! "
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Powerpoint de présentation
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